"Loving" de Danielle Steel est disponible au Léo Lagrange à Foix

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"Loving" de Danielle Steel est disponible au Léo Lagrange à Foix

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Un petit tour sur le site en anglais : lecture détente, mais pourquoi pas un peu plus...

"Bettina Daniels looked around the pink marble bathroom with a sigh and a smile. She had exactly half an hour. She was making remarkable time. Usually she had much less Time in which to make the transition from girl, student, and ordinary mortal to bird of paradise and hostess extraordinaire. But it was a metamorphosis she was thoroughly used to making. For fifteen years she had been her father’s aide-de-camp, going everywhere with him, fielding off reporters, taking telephone messages from his girlfriends, even sitting backstage to lend him support as he did late-night talk shows to promote his latest book. He scarcely needed to make the effort to do the promotions. His last seven books had automatically spiraled up The New York Times Bestseller List, but still, promotion was something one did. Besides which, he loved it. He loved the preening and parading, the food for his ego, and the women who found him irresistible, confusing him with the heroes in his books. - See more at: http://daniellesteel.com/blog/loving-excerpt/#.dpuf"


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